How to Decorate with Wall Mirrors

How to Decorate with Wall Mirrors

How to Decorate with Wall Mirrors

A mirror can be defined as a tool, which forms images by reflection and gives a genuine representation of the object placed in front of it. Mirrors are basic commodities when it comes to decorating any room. Whether in the hallway, bathroom, kitchen or bedroom one can easily find a mirror to complement and add attractiveness to it. Mirrors are distinguished into different types according to their use, shape, function and location. Mirrors work great in any room they are placed in and also provide functionality and beauty to that room. Therefore they can be a great way to lavish a home.

Marrakech Black with Furnitures

A beautiful bedroom setting from Peppers Convent at Hunter Valley using Marrakech Black Wall Mirror to complement the dark colours of other furnitures against the white wall background.  The chandelier light was also maximised using the two mirrors facing it.  Having a pair of mirrors displayed beside each other balances the pairing of furnitures on both sides.

Mirrors in the bathroom

A bathroom mirror is a pure necessity in every home, although why not add some style  to your wall decor?  Antique styled mirrors are becoming very trendy when it comes to using it in the bathroom.  It gives the character to a normally dull setting.   Also, a mirrored frame mirror gives great appeal to your 'powder room', as seen here using Ali wall mirror

Ali Wall Mirror

Shaving mirrors and backlit mirrors are the step up version of mirrors when it comes to functionality.  They give the ease of using the reflective power of mirrors.  You can have the increased magnification and/or added lighting.

For small bathrooms, a wall mirror can be mounted directly behind the bathtub to give the impression of depth to an otherwise small room.  A clever technique not usually known to all. 

Placing a mirror over a fireplace

Most homes use the fireplace as a focal point of the room in which it appears. Placing a beautifully framed mirror on the mantle will consequently end up adding more emphasis to the fireplace, enlarge the room and also add a reflective surface to the decor placed on the mantle.

Brightening up your entryway: Mirrors placed on an entryway provide a welcoming sight for guests as well as a place to 'check' themselves while entering. In a large entry, it would be advisable to place an entryway table with flower arrangements, a lamp and a wall mirror to greet guests in your most hospitable way.  Use a mirrored side table to further enhance the beauty of the setting.

Add interest to a hallway

If a home has a long hallway, one can place large wall mirrors, mirror vignettes, pieces of mirrors or groups of hanging mirrors on wall sides to help distract the eyes while passing through the hallway and also the mirrors will help to brighten up the dark long corridors.

Desirae Floor Mirror

Floor mirrors and their massive impact

Full length mirrors provide a great way of adding something creative and special to one's home. When it comes to floor mirrors one should try and choose a mirror matching to the existing decor in one's house. They always make a room to look appealing to the eyes and also appear larger than its usual size.  Here the Desirae Floor Mirror suits well with the colours of the chandelier and matches with its classy timeless style.  For bedrooms, a full-length wall mirror would be most appropriate and should be placed somewhere that will be easy for one to stand back and look at oneself from a distance.  Know when to use floor mirrors in this previous post.

It is important to know that the manner in which you decorate your home reflects your personal preference and style, therefore hanging mirrors in tactical areas in your home will definitely give a good aura to the ones living in it.