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Decorating With Mirrors 2 - PUE

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Why Mirrors?

Mirrors are a versatile decorating piece, which is one of the reasons you see a lot of mirrors in designer homes. A good designer understands that mirrors not only allow you to check your reflection, but that they also have a lot of purposes beyond that. Their shine and reflective quality can increase the amount of light in a room, brightening otherwise dark corners and spaces. And because they reflect the room, they can make small rooms look larger and more inviting. Mirrors also offer a great alternative wall decoration, breaking up the countless flat pieces of art and giving a room a little more texture without adding to your home’s clutter.

Where to Decorate:

When most people think of where to place mirrors in their home, the first thing that comes to mind is the space above the bathroom sink. Mirrors, however, can be placed in almost any room as long as they are placed with intentionality. The easiest rule to decorating with mirrors is to pay attention to what a mirror will reflect. If you’re trying to brighten a room, you want the mirror to reflect light. You can get this effect by placing the mirror across from a window or chandelier. If, on the other hand, you’re trying to maximize your space, you may be better off placing the mirror at one end of the room or another so that it reflects your room back at you.

Other considerations to make when placing mirrors in your home is where clutter tends to pile up. Clutter is an unattractive aspect of a home, so the last thing you want to do is double the appearance of clutter by placing a mirror in a position where it will continually reflect clutter.

The Rectangular, and Large full-length leaner mirror

Rectangular mirrors are one of the most popular mirror styles because of their versatility. They can be hung either horizontally or vertically, allowing them the flexibility to move about your home as your needs change.

When hung horizontally, the most popular placement is behind a bathroom sink with a long counter. Bathrooms tend to be small spaces in your home, so hanging a large mirror here can keep the room from feeling claustrophobic. Choosing a horizontal mirror with a decorative frame can also add a level of style and sophistication to your bathroom, especially helpful if you don’t want to invest in a full bathroom renovation. Horizontally hung rectangular mirrors also look great above the mantle of a fireplace, where they can invite warmth and coziness into your room.

Vertically hung rectangular mirrors or full-length leaners, on the other hand, are great for offering you a better vision of your full body. One perfect space for a rectangular mirror would be in a walk-in closet, where you would have the ability to examine your head-to-toe reflection after getting ready in the morning. Vertical mirrors also look great placed at the end of an otherwise dark hallway by adding some light and shine to brighten the area.

The Round Mirror

Round mirrors can be used in a variety of ways. If you have a small, otherwise unadorned wall in your house, placing three or four round mirrors in a column in a zig-zag placement can lighten the room while also giving it a modern feel. Round mirrors also look great hung above two sinks in a his and hers bathroom.

Looking to brighten a room? Try placing a round mirror beneath a lamp on an end table. This unique placement idea will give the illusion of a mirrored top to your end table while also reflecting light up and out.

The Square Mirror

Using a square mirror takes a bit more understanding of space and style than other types of mirrors, but when used correctly, a square mirror can add real pizzazz to your home. One way to use a square mirror is to create the illusion of an extra window in your home. If you have a room with just one mirror in it, placing a square mirror across from the window can give the illusion that there are windows on either wall.

Another great way to use a square mirror is as the centerpiece of a wall gallery, with artwork or family photos surrounding it. This makes the wall gallery into a real focal point of the room and adds an element of class and design to the arrangement.

The Oval Mirror

Oval mirrors are one of the classiest looking mirrors around. They serve best as the accent piece of a room, so don’t be afraid to go big with these mirrors. For an amazing ambiance, place them so that they reflect the chandelier in your dining room. This will add a bit of shimmer to your dining room, instantly making it feel more expensive and exquisite than it did before.

Oval mirrors also go great behind the couch in a sitting room. If the focus of the room is on conversation, rather than on watching television, this can help your guests reframe their attention and allow you to use your couch as the center of your room.

The Arched or Window Mirror

The arched and window-style mirrors are always in fashion. For a unique effect, place these mirrors opposite or behind a plant so that greenery is reflected back into the room. This will enhance the illusion that you are looking outside.

Arched mirrors also look beautiful when placed behind a desk or dresser. This can turn your everyday furniture into an exquisite vanity, and is perfect for a dressing room, bathroom, or guest bedroom.

The Frameless Mirror

The great thing about frameless mirrors is their ability to be placed almost anywhere in your home without calling attention to themselves. This makes them a great choice for placing behind display objects in your room, giving the object, rather than the mirror, the enhanced style.

Another great option for frameless mirrors is to place them on objects to make the objects reflective.

Final Notes

Our hope is that this guide for decorating with mirrors will inspire your inner home designer to make new and bold choices with light and reflection. However, this guide is by no means exhaustive. There are as many ways to style your home with mirrors, and we encourage you to find and show your own unique style and personality.

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