Ablaze Indiana Art Deco Wall Mirror TG - ADRS97

  • Enhance the contemporary theme of your home with Ablaze Indiana Art Deco Wall Mirror. This decorative wall mirror brings a lot of depth and texture to your wall with its eye-catching border, which is made up of small mirror squares – some of which are raised to create an attractive pattern.

    With its small mirror squares creating their own reflections, the Ablaze Indiana Art Deco Wall Mirror provides additional illumination, especially when partnered with bright lights or wide-open windows.

    The Ablaze Indiana Art Deco Wall Mirror can be mounted horizontally or vertically to suit your styling preferences. Its centre mirror measures 39cm x 62cm x 0.5cm while the whole mirror measures 70cm x 90cm x 2.9cm. For added durability, this art deco wall mirror uses tough MDF back-boards.

    • Matches contemporary home furnishings and modern décor
    • Border features small raised mirror squares
    • May be hung vertically or horizontally
    • Can be hung either portrait or landscape
    • Measures 39cm x 62cm x 0.5cm (centre mirror); 70cm x 90cm x 2.9cm (whole mirror)
    • 4mm as thickness of the mirror and the MDF is 9mm thickness
    • Uses MDF back-boards for added stability
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