Ablaze LED 3D Backlit Bathroom Wall Mirror TG - BBL68

  • Energy efficient functional silver mirror consists of  LED border lights which fade away creating a 3D impression of depth. There's flexibility of hanging either as portrait or landscape.

    • 65cm x 79cm; with a depth of 4.5cm 
    • Comes with an instruction manual for ease of hanging
    • Uses cool light; Great 3D effect 
    • Inclusive of 1 year warranty
    • FREE Shipping Australia Wide

    Can be horizontal or vertically mounted.  Please specify your preference. 

    All LED models include a 12 volt transformer in the unit and the fluorescent light models connect directly to 240 volt that guarantees compliance with Australian Standard.

    Wiring is through the centre of the back box of each mirror and this needs to be hard wired to a switch in the room either in the light switch panel or centre of the power point.

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