Archibald Gold Wall Mirror MT - RM0887G

  • Showing off a gold-colour finish, graceful arches, and elaborate leaf-and-flower detail, the Archibald Gold Wall Mirror seems to have been taken right out of a fairy tale book. This gorgeous piece sets a royal tone with its delicate frame of flowing lines and attractive leaf detail, all crowned by three ornate roses on the topmost part.

    The Archibald Gold Wall Mirror measures 107cm x 85cm x 7cm and weighs 8kg. This classic wall mirror deserves to be the centrepiece in your living room or bedroom, adding more than just a touch of luxury in an instant.

    Just imagine the majestic Archibald Gold Wall Mirror hanging on your wall, soft piano music setting the tone, and your crystal chandelier casting a warm glow over your Old World-inspired home décor – this dignified mirror is certainly a special piece of art that gives your home a stately ambience.

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