Escobar Square Wall Mirror CL - 40261

  • The Escobar Square Wall Mirror touches your wall with the luxurious glow of gold over a timber frame. The whole mirror is subtly divided into four panels by gold lines making it a suitable piece to complement your classically-inspired home décor and furniture. To top it all off, this wall mirror features a small, gold decorative button in the centre.

    Measuring 110cm x 3.5cm x 120cm, the Escobar Square Wall Mirror has the right dimensions for drawing attention without overburdening the senses. It weighs 33kg and is made of timber.

    The Escobar Square Wall Mirror seamlessly blends in well with classic home décor while projecting understated luxury.

    • Square-shaped wall mirror
    • Subtle gold lines divide the mirror into four panels
    • Gold decorative button in the centre of the mirror
    • Material: MDF
    • Measures 110cm x 3.5cm x 120cm
    • Weighs 33kg
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