Top 3 Hidden Uses of Mirrors for Home Improvement

Top 3 Hidden Uses of Mirrors for Home Improvement

Everyone uses a mirror for functional use.  Not everyone considers the multiple uses of mirrors when buying one.  Here we show you how mirrors do their magic in improving the interior's aesthetic and functionality. 

Mirrors are definitely a vital part in creating your perfect home.  It gives emphasis and intrigue even to guests and can even be the topic of conversation.  The mirrors can give a magical touch of timelessness, grace and uniqueness. Mirrors now come in different styles, shape, size or even varying frame colours to suit the style of the room. The technique on which mirror to choose depends on the effect that you want.    It can enhance the ambiance, making the space brighter using its reflective abilities, or it can enlarge the area of your room.  We not only consider the look of the mirror, but also how it will blend and utilize its hidden uses to our home. 

Let us show you ways on how mirrors give more enhancements in your room than any other interiors.

Enlarge the space

The reflective effect of mirrors can make any area look bigger.  Mirrors are the secret furniture for small apartments to make the rooms feel spacious.  The bigger the mirror, the larger the area space would feel.    

Arched mirror

See how a stately mirror on an overmantel brings out the magnificence and enlarge the space! Check out our range of arched wall mirrorscredits

Have a narrow space in the hallway? No problem.  Try a huge wall mirror that would add depth to the area.  You will definitely see the difference when walking that hallway as the feeling will not be as enclosed anymore.

The almost floor to ceiling wall mirror greatly removes the claustrophobic feel of the hallway.  See our large mirror ranges for your selection. credits 

Add more natural light

Mirrors can also be used to capture the light coming from your windows.  The natural light will be reflected and would fill the entire room, thus making the area look brighter and fresh all the time.  It is best to position them opposite or at the side of the windows, wherever you want the light to reflect. Another tip is you can have a coloured light curtain that reflects its colours to the mirror, adding drama to the room.  

A beautiful round mirror captures the light from outside and emphasises the colour of the curtains from the inside. Our Uttermost Sherise wall mirrors will certainly fulfil this magic.

Accentuate the wall

As designer Susan Ferrier mentioned in lifestyle website Shesaid, the reflective effect of mirrors adds a unique detail that stands out amongst the surrounding decor for plenty of balance.  This results in avoiding making the rooms to appear overly colourful.  Instead of adding up another accessory to the wall that would add up colour, the mirror would stabilize the overall effect.

Grantola wall mirror

The Grantola wall mirror coupled with the Henzler coffee table  both complement each other therefore having a relaxed posh feel. 

In contrast to that, mirrors can turn out to be artworks by just selecting a brightly coloured, or ornate frame.  By picking the colour that matches or compliments other existing colours in the room, mirrors can bring together a harmonious design for the home.

 An important point to remember is that there should only be one or two accessories in a room that is distinct.  If your mirror is eye-catching, make the other accessories subtle.  If it’s the other way around, the mirror should be simpler but still blends in with the rest.

 It is best to maximize the full potential of a mirror as an integral part of the home.  Definitely great results would come out and will make beautifying your home a piece of cake.