About Us

SHINE MIRRORS is Australia's premier online store for stylish mirrors

We are a 100% Australian-owned and operated business based in Sydney NSW, and only serve customers located in Australia.

We are your specialist online mirrors boutique that is totally focused on sourcing the entire market to give you, our customer, the best value with the online convenience of choosing from the largest range of unique and stylish mirrors at competitive prices to beautify your spaces of creativity, work, and relaxation.

Our BEST PRICE GUARANTEE on every item is our promise to deliver the best price and value to our customers which includes the FREE SHIPPING & DELIVERY Australia-wide for all orders. Our products are warehoused at various locations around the country to enable speedy and efficient delivery. As our customer, we strive to do our absolute best to make the experience of choosing your mirrors easy,  convenient, and enjoyable.

We love it when our customers reach out to us. If you have any questions, feedback, or would like to check the availability of an item then please contact us by email at info@shinemirrors.com.au. We strive to make an honest effort to handle all of your requests and queries within 24 hours. 

Should you prefer, a friendly staff member is available to answer your phone call on 1300 797 708.


SHINE MIRRORS: 'Give your rooms the SPACE, STYLE, & SHINE'


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Our Values

Our store has grown to serve a countless number of people all over Australia in fulfilling their interior mirror shining needs. Our business strives to reflect the values and behaviours of integrity, showing your best self, and bringing shine and goodness into your day. For many of us, we begin and end our days looking into mirrors; these are the moments to acknowledge a gratitude for living, and to appreciate our shining selves.


Our Story

The story starts in 2013 when Sherica and her husband built their new home in Sydney, Australia. In the new home, Sherica was looking for decorative items to fill her large but empty blank walls - she soon discovered that beautiful mirrors would give her rooms more space and the timeless style that only mirrors can reflect.

Having first looked at the large department stores, Sherica was unimpressed with the plain and same-looking styles that were offered. She knew that most of the mirrors found in the stores would lose their novelty quickly because they weren’t unique and special; she wanted that high quality and timeless style for a centrepiece mirror. A large, decorative and stylish wall mirror would suit her walls perfectly but this was difficult to find as the department stores mainly cater for mass appeal. Only suitable was a mirror that will shine and remain beautiful for many years in her home, and to be enjoyed for generations.

Tired of physically going from store to store she searched online for mirrors but this became frustrating as the many online shops had limited mirror styles available with varying quality, and with the added shipping and delivery costs. She just wanted the convenience to easily choose from a wide selection of stylish mirrors from the one place, and have the order delivered to her home.

From this experience, Sherica set out to create what is now SHINE MIRRORS as the destination for unique and stylish mirrors. Today, SHINE MIRRORS continues to serve many customers across Australia and makes it easy and convenient to choose and enjoy the most stylish mirrors.

With SHINE MIRRORS, shop now for the mirror that you've always wanted.