When to "Go Large" On Your Mirror

When to

Mirrors are used to reflect and magnify things around the room.  This is a very useful technique for apartments or any small rooms that would want to have the impression of a larger and brighter space.  Go large on the mirrors if you want this result.

As the living room usually is the focus of a home, Colin and Justin, famous interior decorator duo, share their tips from theinteriorsaddict.com: To have the maximum effect, place the large wall mirror horizontally on top of the sofa that is usually situated opposite, or on angle with the windows. Imagine sitting relaxed on your wide comfy sofa and sensing the brightness of the room with the touch of fresh air from the windows.  That is because plenty of natural light is being intensified and reflected onto the mirror and filling up the room with radiance. 

Contemporary Living Room by Sydney Interior Designers & Decorators Darren Palmer Interiors


Large wall mirrors also opens up the space through its reflections.  Even with a room that has less decors, a large mirror would do the trick in enhancing the ambience of the atmosphere. 

The classic solid black framed wall mirror has its stately size captured the lights and illuminate the whole space.  Have this setup with the Uttermost Hilarion wall mirror


Try a large wall mirror above the dining table and the outcome is massive.  Especially if the ceiling lights are close to the mirror, the light can be reflected all around the room creating brightness and a cheerfulness mood while enjoying your luscious meal.  

Frameless mirror

Having the mirrored panels as frame expands the reflective power of this bathroom mirror.  Get the look with the Saturn Wall Mirror.  credits

A very common use for bathroom mirrors is a cover for medicine cabinets. Another clever technique is to make the mirrors go high up to the ceiling.  Not only to avoid dust accumulating the top part, but also to emphasise the enlarged space in a bathroom area.   

Veleso floor mirror  The Uttermost Veleso Large Mirror, used as a full length mirror,captures all the beautiful scene of the space.

Amazingly, some wall mirrors can be used as floor mirrors, and vice versa.  An example is the Uttermost large mirrors, which can be hung as portrait or landscape, or serve as floor mirrors if you prefer.  Large floor mirrors can easily decorate your empty wall space that have limited space for a bulky furniture.

Edmonton Floor mirror

The Uttermost Edmonton Large Wall Mirror enhances the gold colour quality of this interior. 

To have a furniture that is slim enough not to use up plenty of space, but at the same time complement on the colour and personality of your other furnitures is a delight to any homeowners.  

Check out our collections of large and full length mirrors and be inspired. 

In using a mirror's reflection power, brightness and space appears and therefore magnifies the cheerfulness and love surrounding the air.  At the end of the day, the reason why every single furniture is there is to make our house a place to be called home.