Featured: Grantola Wall Mirror

Featured: Grantola Wall Mirror

 Plenty have been asking how to use a window-inspired wall mirror for the interiors.  Here we show you how to display Grantola wall mirror at its best.

With its elegantly made hand forged metal finish in antique gold, it can suit to create a smart and classy atmosphere.  


Transitional Living Room by Sydney Furniture & Accessories Uttermost Australia

When being used in the living room, you get an effect of having partition windows in an indoor setting.  This gives a illusion that tricks the eye into thinking it's looking at another space.

Tripling the Grantola wall mirror and displaying side by side also triples the decorative abilities of this grand arched-top wall mirror.  Having a wall mirror reflecting the surroundings lessens the need for more furnitures.  Your surrounding furniture's beauty definitely gets enhanced.  The colours used around the area are in fact just minimal, giving tribute to the wall mirror's reflections.

As a light-enhancing wall display, this Grantola wall mirror can be used for the hallway, or even at the entryway to bring light and at the same time be able to maximise the space.  Make sure to have the lights close to the mirror to have this full effect.