Using Mirrors For Good Feng Shui

Using Mirrors For Good Feng Shui

As the New Year begins, Feng Shui specialists are reaching out and advising everyone about the importance of keeping the good balance and maintaining the best of luck in your life. Who wants to feel better, be happier and be wealthier by just rearranging your furniture, wearing charms or putting mirrors in your rooms? Some simple steps Feng Shui can help you boost that positive energy and aura. 

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui

Feng Shui (fung shuy, as mentioned by Asians) is an ancient Chinese art which practices the flow of positive energy into a person’s life by way of arranging certain things that surround you and meditating, releasing the bad elements in your being. Feng means wind and Shui means water. These two natural elements will flow freely into your life if you are focused on keeping your Chi (energy) in a harmonious way amidst the hardships of life.

For example, you think that you have a bad life because of this specific person or that the house you live in is bad karma. As a Feng Shui master will tell you, changing your outlook in life by forgiving this unforgivable person is the first step to embracing Feng Shui. Also, if you want your house to be a home, you need to put in effort and make it one. 

Let good Feng Shui bring in harmony, clarity and fulfillment for you. Mirrors can also invite positivity and great vibes to your home and your life. It depends upon where you put it though.

How Can I Use Mirrors for Good Feng Shui? 

You can use the mirrors in your home to reflect the positivity – joy, calmness, tranquility, confidence and security. Place it in strategic locations. It will welcome in wealth, happiness, love and every positive feeling in the universe.

Hallway mirror

The beautiful flowers being reflected on the large wall mirror attracts positive energy. Credits. Have this interior with our Veleso Mirror

Remember the Do’s and Don’ts

Mirrors add light to any room and creates movement and depth in any area it is being placed. If good energy is to come from it, it will be reflected and doubled. So use mirrors sensibly.

- Hang mirrors in narrow spaces to embody vastness and comfort

- It is better to hang mirrors on walls without windows

- A mirror must be placed inside your child’s bedroom to promote his or her self esteem

- Place one in a dark area to contribute light (ex. long hallway)

- If there is something opposite the mirror, the reflection must be beautiful like flowers or nature to increase its abundance characteristic (abundance means wealth)

Sweet Pea Dressing Table

The Sweet Pea Dressing Table would help boost your child's self esteem.

Do Not Use Mirrors This Way:

- If the reflection is cluttered (bad chi)

- Avoid mirrors in the places when there's negative sensations (arguments, stress)

- Bagua is meant to be placed outside since it captures negative aura (doorway, on top)

- Do not hang the mirror within a few feet from the door because the good energy will bounce out

- On top of your bed, facing your bed or facing the main door

Mirror for Good Feng Shui, Always and All the Time

There is no harm in hanging mirrors inside your home. Just be sure to hang them in the East (Love and Wellness), Southeast (Money) and North (Life path and Career) parts of your home. The South part is a fire sign and it is the opposite of good Feng Shui when mirrors are concerned.