Featured: Uttermost Dinuba Wall Mirror

Featured: Uttermost Dinuba Wall Mirror

A lovely wall piece that has an underlying quality to be flexible anywhere in the home.  Here we show you different ways how to maximise the reflective and also decorative powers of Uttermost Dinuba wall mirror

 Here the combined small round mirror pieces is being used in the bathroom beside the top window to create an illuminating effect throughout the surroundings.  It fills up the blank space of the white wall, giving an instant decor.

Norelco Cabinets Ltd.

 For a heavy coloured wall background, the Dinuba wall mirror is fashioned as an art display of multiple small round mirrors.  It became a great eye-catching furniture piece.  Its reflections sparkle differently at every angle.  

Keeping Interiors

Remove the blank wall space and add the Dinuba wall mirror to create a different feature wall.  Display two or four of the Dinuba wall mirrors beside each other and create a wall piece that is the focus of attention.  The small mirrors brightens up the area and magnifies the space.  Imagine that by nighttime when the chandelier and lamps light up, the place will shine because of the reflective background.


Styled by: Paula Cipolli Design

Dinuba wall mirrors 

Two Dinuba wall mirros combined together forming a beautiful facade to the wall. credits: Kerrie Kelly Design.


Uttermost Dinuba Wall Mirror

Create beautiful illuminations with the many rounded mirrors of the Uttermost Dinuba. A very pleasant bathroom setting that is very welcoming to guests. By Oliver Designs

Be creative, act on your imagination and discover the many decorative styles for the Dinuba wall mirror.  Maximise the potential of your home's interiors.