Techniques on Decorating with Round Wall Mirrors

Techniques on Decorating with Round Wall Mirrors

Mirrors are great home decor objects and can be used to make any space look bright and beautiful due to their reflections. Especially in small rooms, where decorations become tough as they can look too crowding, wall mirrors are a great choice as they help in making the room look bigger and spacious. Round wall mirrors are in trend these days when it comes to home decor choices. The mirrors combined with their elegant frames can be used to create some of the most exhilarating looks. We have compiled here some of the techniques that can be used while decorating with round mirrors. 

Multiple Mirror wall – Multiple mirror walls are a great way to add glamour and style to your room. You can either use small, same sized, round mirrors to create the effect or use round mirrors of different sizes to create the shapes. A décor tip here is that in case you want to keep the look sophisticated, use all the mirrors having the same frame. Mixing mirrors with the same frames in two or three different colors is also a great idea to bring vibrancy to your room. Mirrors with different frames can also be combined, but it needs careful selection and very well-planned positioning on the wall.

Dinuba wall mirror

Fashion two Dinuba wall mirrors as a backdrop to uplift the illumination in the room.  Credits

Mirrors in pattern - Another great technique to decorate your room with fewer mirrors is using 4-5 mirrors to create an elegant pattern. In such cases, the style quotient jumps up if the mirror frames match with those of the other furnishings of the room. Another method to make this mirror décor stand out is by using mirrors that have a convex shape. Convex mirrors add a bang to surrounding while serving other purpose of brightening the room. Also, a combination of small and big mirrors can be used to create a bubble effect. The pattern created by these combined mirrors can also be repeated on the same or another wall if the wall is big or the room is very wide.

Cozumel mirror

Combination of our Cozumel, Damario, and Octavia wall mirrors made a stunning statement.  The Jasper mirror buffet table adds to the glamour.

Single pieces – Another great way to use round mirrors is using them as single piece of decoration. Do keep in mind however, that their frames should be highly decorated and ornamental. In such single pieces, along with the mirrors, it is frames that add the effect to the furnishings. Hence large metallic frames, wooden frames, carved and patterned frame or frames decorated with shells, they all fit in best when used in single piece mirror decoration. 

Raindrops wall mirror

Our Raindrops wall mirror has the flexibility of having the glamour blend in a laid back setting. Credits

Lara wall mirror

Lara wall mirror fashionably elegant even in the bathroom setting.  Credits.

Mix and Match - While round mirrors have a class and charm of their own, they can also be mixed and matched with mirrors of other shapes. Having a central large round mirror surrounded by small mirrors of different shapes or vice versa can also look very appealing. 

Round mirrors can be used in symmetric patterns like a horizontal or vertical line, placed in a rectangular or square layout etc. Or they can also be used in scattered pattern. In either case, they are easy decoration pieces that can create an unbeatable charm.