The Beauty of Antiqued Mirrors to Your Interiors

The Beauty of Antiqued Mirrors to Your Interiors

Are you fascinated by art? Are you excited and overwhelmed with ancient furniture? Well, you should consider having an antiqued mirror as part of your interior’s furniture. Normal mirrors just give you the reflection you desire but why not have a mirror that gives you more than just a reflection.

The good thing with antique mirror is that they can be used for decoration. There are three styles of antiqued mirrors:

  • Standard antique mirrors
  • Textured antique mirrors
  • Lettered antique mirrors

If you want a mirror that will work as a reflection but still act as a piece of decoration. Then you should consider using a standard one. This is because it will give the house this beautiful ancient look and you can still use it for personal view.

Prisca mirror

Shine Mirrors' Prisca Large Wall Mirror adds to the charm in this lovely interior

Uttermost Prisca Wall Mirror closeup of centre mirror

Prisca wall mirror's has its centre mirror having black specks creatively spread around it.  

Uttermost Almont wall mirror closeup of frame

Close up of the antiqued mirrored side panels of the Uttermost Almont wall mirror. See its hazy like effect. 

Rochester buffet table antiqued mirror

Some antiqued mirrors are very small and spread out, that it seems invincible from afar, like with the Rochester mirror buffet table

Textured mirrors have various patterns that actually make it even more pleasing. This is mostly preferred for decoration due to its beautiful pattern and outlook. Some also look like ocean waves that will make the guests that you invite in your home always have your home setting at their minds.

As for lettered antique, they are also favorable for decorations due to the encrypted logos. These are mainly fixed in furniture such as wardrobes. You can also buy a small cupboard whose doors have these antique mirrors and you may use it to put your valuable ornaments. It will sort of signify a special place.

Antiqued mirror with lettering

credits to tatertotsandjello 


This mirror can actually be used in various places as listed below.

Sinley Mirror Side Table

The Uttermost Sinley Mirror Side Table has its antiqued mirror side panels that gives its rich texture and high- class appeal.


Uttermost Lara wall mirror in the bathroom

Uttermost Lara wall mirror, with its antiqued side mirror panels, very elegantly belends with the interior. credits:

This is a room that you visit mostly when you are exhausted and all you need is a nice warm bath. Why not use this mirror to make the bathroom even better. It is definitely difficult to use pictures in bathroom decoration and also modest bathroom should have more glass ware. So this mirror serves both purposes. You can have a one side wall completely covered with it. It will make your bathroom more stylish and just staring at the beautiful patterns will play a part in your relaxation


Amiel large wall mirror in the bedroom

The Amiel large wall mirror captures a hazy view of the bedroom interior.

This is a room that you should really focus on. Most people do not prefer using glass walls due to privacy. Also having to look at same pictures may become boring. Why don’t have these mirrors covering one side of your wall instead? Firstly they will portray a reflection of the room and making it bigger. You will actually feel like in a dream mansion or palace. It will also add up as a class decoration due to the patterns of the mirror and its blurriness. It will also serve as an attention grabber and you will never get tired of just staring at it. This is because it reflects each and every detailed item in the room. Also it reflects each and every move you make thus making it interesting.


Antiqued mirror

The antique styled mirror gives a dramatic backdrop to the scene.  Check out our Uttermost Shaylyn Wall Mirror to get this look.

Having this mirror on dining room wall will add a nice touch to the room. The mirror is appealing and also of unique design. Watching you and your family members eat from the mirror is just amazing.

Avidan wall mirror

Our Avidan Wall Mirror fabulously adding decor to the wall. credits to Megan Crane Designs

Antiqued mirrors are also being used to have an olden time feel to the area.  Another technique interior designers used to make rooms magnificent are Venetian mirrors.