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Using Mirrors in the Workplace

No home or work space is complete without mirrors. Having a mirror hanging on the wall is almost as standard a household item as having curtains on windows, or plants on window sills.

The benefits of using mirrors:

There are a number of pretty straightforward benefits to having mirrors. There is increased light because mirrors reflect all the light that lands on them, and mirrors tend to make spaces seem larger.  Also, mirrors can be used to cover imperfections in the wall such as a jutting socket or a scratched surface.

Mirrors also make great statement pieces, kind of the same way some people put together one particularly lavish plant ensemble in a vase or other decorative ornament as opposed to having several plants hanging from different places. Hanging up an expensive mirror frame that has intricate details and designs or that is simply stunning in its shape or cut can say a lot about the home, office or building that you are in. It’s no wonder then that lavish locations use a lot of mirrors to give business and office floors a more professional look by using large, grand mirror installations!

Hilarion wall mirror

A black wall mirror perfect for the hair salon.Credits. Similar to our Hilarion wall mirror 

If nothing else then, apart from all of these benefits, mirrors have the practical function of allowing you to see yourself, and you can often see mirrors set at the entrances or exits of homes and offices across the country.

Types of mirrors and how to use them:

There are several different types of mirrors, and different ways to play around with them.

One type of wall mirror is the two way mirror, which is basically a sheet of glass that is a mirror on one side and is transparent when viewed from the other side. These are sometimes used in offices where, for example, the management wants to sit on one side of the glass without being seen by customers while at the same time being able to see what is going on on the office or factory floor.

You can also have what are simply called large mirrors, which are often body-length, and these are commonly seen in dressing rooms of clothing stores. These types of wall mirrors can also be set opposite a window to give the illusion of a second window in the same room. Finally, there is the more common framed mirror, which as the name suggests is a mirror inside a decorative frame. Having a framed mirror allows you to have two distinct features in one decorative item: the size and shape of the mirror, and the material and design of the frame.

Antique wall mirror

Antique wall mirrors add charm of glitz and glamour. Credits. Get that interior feel with our range of antique wall mirrors in champagne colour.

Some people even install floor mirrors, but these are less common and whether or not you decide to have a floor mirror installation set up would really depend on the kind of house or office you have.

Mirrors in offices and other workspaces:

All of the benefits of increased light and openness are true of mirrors not only installed in homes but for those installed in offices as well. Small, tight offices (or apartments used as a home office) often use wall mirrors to reduce the feeling of claustrophobia or congestion that tight workspaces may give to workers who often have to sit in a more or less fixed place for hours on end.

Black wall mirror

The classic black mirror creates a serene mood.  Credits.

Wall mirrors are used in clothing stores and in gyms so that people can see what they look like when trying on new clothes or when performing a particular exercise (or, hey, to see the results afterward!) They are also used in hotels, consulting offices and even hospitals to create a feeling of not only professionalism (because mirrors go very well with the steel, concrete and granite often favored by architects for use in offices, hospitals and other official or government buildings) but also to give even large open areas a more expansive feel.

Illuminating mirror

The Eskisehir Hotel in Turkey uses oval shaped mirrors with backlit to add vibrance to the area.Credits.

There are lots of things you can do with wall mirrors, and people come up with new and interesting ways to use wall mirrors all the time. From installations that combine imagination, light tricks, frame designs and placement to having multiple mirrors work together toward some playful (try, illuminating) end, mirrors are an interior’s best friend and are a great investment for any home, office or workspace.

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