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Top 12 Magnificent Rooms Using Venetian Mirrors

It's a wonder how the 60's and 70's fashion would come back and be in trend every now and then. What if the styles that date way back from the 15th century would return?  Seems unbelievable, but here comes the magnificent Venetian wall mirrors that are now the pick of interior designers for making a new level of sophistication.

Venetian mirror from Murano Italy

credits: Jorge Barrios/ CC-BY-SA-3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

A brief background of where Venetian mirrors come from:  The Venetian island of Murano was the legendary birthplace of Venetian mirrors as only their master artisans have the skill of creating these artistically designed mirrors.  These mid-century styled mirrors are frameless wall mirrors that have the ornately hand-cut designs and at times added with the delicate hand etched designs on the glass surface.   These carvings range from leaf, floral, fruiting vines, to scroll motif style designs that signify the importance of nature elements at that time.  

The craftsmanship and devotion of glassmakers on their Venetian wall mirrors are exceptional. Each piece takes rigorous amount of time to create as it undergoes faceting, cutting, engravings, to silvering.  The framing and detailing are very unique and mesmerising.  That is why in the olden times, Venetian wall mirrors are only seen in houses of nobles and royalties.  With its meticulous process to make, each Venetian wall mirror is a master piece of art.  

Here we show you our favourite rooms beautified by Venetian wall mirrors.


Get the teacups ready with a setting like this.  A lovely sophisticated atmosphere magnified by an ornately crowned Venetian wall mirror.  Its size fit perfectly over the mantle to even have the fresh flowers overflowing with grace. Credits to Lauren Bern Interiors.

 The floral and leaf etchings of the Venetian wall mirror brilliantly shown thanks to the two lamps on each side.  This is the trick to have a hotel-like bathroom.  See the decorative etchings of our Celeste Decorative Oval Wall Mirror.   picture source

Oval shaped Venetian mirrors are great to display above side tables like this as it does not cover the whole wall space.  This lovely mirror is very similar to our Venetian Scroll wall mirror, that made a Vintage- styled dining room given a modern twist.  Credits to Nannette Lewis Interiors for this lovely image.

Here is an example of combining furnitures together to see if they blend well.  The old meets the new.  The octagonal shaped Venetian wall mirror gave the contrasting look to a purple wall colour.  Interior designed by Kendall Wilkinson.

Have vases displayed in front of the Venetian mirror to magnify its beauty.  The colours harmoniously go together in this living room setting.  Check out our Sylvia Venetian Wall Mirror

A his and her bathroom made lavish with the intricate cut work designs at the crown of these identical Venetian mirrors.  Image seen at Sadie+Stella.

A Venetian wall mirror full of character with its jewel-like designs and ornately shaped frame.  Everything here spells glamour and sophistication.


The Venetian round mirror complements with the chandelier of its brilliance.  Its leaf-style frame mirror cut is a classic design for round mirrors. Sourced from TV presenter Catriona Rowntree's home by Home Beautiful magazine.

Black and yellow gives the character, while the oval Venetian wall mirror and the lamps brings out the chic.  A well designed side table area.  From actress and model Natane Bourdreau's apartment.

A stately mansion in luxurious style having two large Venetian wall mirrors ready to brighten the space, with chandeliers close to them.  Image source

A perfect way to greet the guests: with comfy chairs, some fresh flowers, and a stately Venetian Mirror welcoming them hospitably.  The mirror also uses light from outside to reflect and add brightness to the space.  Credits to Homedit.

 Add your own character by putting a Venetian mirror on another mirror.  The etchings are very evident, making the area shine brightly. Credits to Homedit.


Venetian wall mirrors are the timeless wall decors that are of great style and shine.  May it be in the living room, dining room, or even bathroom, these Venetian wall mirrors never fail to impress.  Check out Shine Mirrors Australia's range of mesmerising Venetian wall mirrors and have your own favourite room dazzle with brilliance.


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