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Advantages of Beveled Mirrors

You might think that mirrors are all just the same, but in reality, there are various kinds of mirror available for different purposes. One of the plush wall mirrors used in the house or in establishments is the beveled wall mirror. 

Zeta Mirror in the bathroom

A beaded beveled wall mirror glamorously uplifted the bathroom.  Credits.  Grab this look with our Verdi wall mirror.

What is a beveled mirror?

Adara wall mirror

Adara wall mirror's beveled centre mirror

Beveled wall mirrors refer to the type of mirrors that have edges which are cut at a certain angle to give of the look of a mirror that has a framed-edge around it. The edge gives these mirrors an embellished, subtle look and it further highlights the frame and a finished look that usual mirrors don't have.

These wall mirrors come in different sizes and shapes and they can also be tailor-made or purchased from stores that sells home décor items or even in antique shops. Beveled wall mirrors are decorative items that reflect light as well as the image of whatever lies directly before them. 

Gouveia Mirror

The Gouveia Wall Mirror's beveled centre mirror made the illusion of it having another layer of frame.

How is a beveled wall mirror being done?

A fabricator makes use of a glass-beveling machine in order to grind as well as polish the edges of the mirrors to give them a slant. That measurement of this slant is usually between 0.6cm to 2.54cm thick. The actual dimensions of this slant are determined by the mirror’s design and as well as technicians who bevel the glass. 


What is the advantage of a beveled mirror?

Some may think that beveled wall mirror is just for added glam effect for the house or to veer away from the usual plain-looking mirrors. But in reality, having a beveled wall mirror has its own advantages. Some of it includes:

1. A wall mirror containing a beveled-edge is often considered safer due to the fact that the polishing and the grinding of the edge eliminates smaller imperfections formed when the glass was cut. Moreover, the process involved in creating the slant further polishes the sharp corners and edges of the mirror so you don’t have to worry about the sharp edges.

2. It is more valuable than the usual mirrors with straight edge, especially the antique ones, since its edges are typically hand cut with pumice. So you can even use it as an investment or something to pass on to your grandchildren.

3. Beveled wall mirror is aesthetically pleasing as its slant catches and refracts the light which acts like a prism that causes a rainbow effect.

4. The mirror sometimes doesn’t have to be framed anymore since its slanted-edge appearance already suffice it.

5. Beveled wall mirrors make the room look bigger and more spacious.

6. When using a beveled mirror in a room with less light, it can help make the room look bright and reflective instead of gloomy. 

Winston Wall Mirror

A beveled mirror adding light to the space. Credits.  Have your own magnificent bathroom space with our Winston wall mirror

Although beveled wall mirrors cost more than the usual straight edge mirrors, you can still make sure that you can get what you paid for. Beveled wall mirrors are one of the beautiful kinds of mirrors with a slope finish at its borders, which makes it more attractive. The glam look you can get from beveled wall mirror is something that you can’t get from the usual mirrors. Thus, it can make your rooms or the house more stylish and chic.

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