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Mirror Ideas For Your Living Room

The living room is your space to relax, so decorate it with your personal style and comfort in mind. You can't go wrong with having a mirror that matches the colours of your living room decor and furniture, or else be free to experiment with a mirror of a different colour and style to your room's theme. Pay attention to the mirror's shape and how it blends or varies with other nearby items and decide on what suits your taste.


Match with wall art and the interior colour scheme.
Arrange wall mirrors with similar sized art frames for a cozy look.

Credits: Hughes Developments

Use striking decorative mirrors to complement flamboyant surrounds.

Credits: Style My Space

Mirrors with random shapes contrast well with patterned decor.

Credits: Squarefoot Interior Design

Metallic mirrors complement metallic furniture frames and rustic artwork.

Credits: Refined

Exotic shaped wall mirrors decorate well with exotic artifacts.

Credits: Decorating Den Interiors

Vibrant mirrors support the mood of brightly coloured rooms.

Credits: Lisa Loesch Interiors

Unique mirror frames with a mix of symmetric shapes make for eye-catching and decorative ornaments.

Credits: Rachel Blindauer Interior Design

Credits: Ivy House Interiors

Credits: Traci Connell Interiors

Uniquely-shaped wooden frame mirrors give the room an earthy, bohemian look and feel.

Credits: McMullin Design Group

Group small mirrors to create a decorative display or arrange mirrors of different styles and shapes to create a salon style setting.

Credits: Ethan Michelle Home

Credits: Draw The Line Design


Pair large arched shaped mirrors to style larger rooms.

Credits: Rise Residential Design

Credits: Wesley-Wayne Interiors

Mirrors beside windows are perfect for reflecting natural light and the scenery from outside.

Credits: The Tamarind Group

Credits: RMI

Rounded shaped mirrors hung over the mantle give a traditional fireplace a contemporary look.

Credits: KBC

Credits: Sicora Design

Create your room's scene with your favourite wall colours and mirrors.
Bronze mirrors compliment themes from the Victorian period.

Credits: Interior Enhancement

Gold wall mirrors on light pastel green is a popular retro choice.

Credits: Belmont Design

Credits: Crystal Waye Photo

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