Ablaze S Backlit Bathroom Mirror

  • S Backlit bathroom mirror uses low energy cool colour (6400 Kelvin) light to brighten the surroundings.  Can have the option of allowing the light to be left on at night as a night light. 

    • Comes in different sizes to suit your liking.  
    • Enhances the ambiance in the room
    • Increases light and visibility within the space
    • All comes with a depth of 4.5cm 
    • All uses cool light, except S1500CWarm, which uses warm light (alllow 1 week for change to warm light)
    • Demister included, to maintain mirrors fog-free 
    • Inclusive of 1 year warranty
    • Comes with the instruction manual; easy to install 
    • FREE Shipping Australia Wide
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    Strength of Power Source:

    • S500C= 27W output
    • S750C= 33W output
    • S759C= 36W output
    • S900C= 42W output
    • S1500C= 54W output (only in rectangle shaped) 

    All LED models include a 12 volt transformer in the unit that guarantees compliance with Australian Standard.

    Connects to existing lighting circuit.  Wiring is through the centre of the back box of each mirror and this needs to be hard wired to a switch in the room either in the light switch panel or centre of the power point. 

    The thin demister pad included is adhered to the rear of the mirror and connected to the light switch or a movement sensor. It prevents condensation on the mirror and gives clear visibility even after a hot bath or shower. This self adhesive pad is only 0.4mm thick.

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